Do you need a freelance copywriter?
If you’re looking for a freelance copywriter, content writer or digital content writer to boost your brand, you may be wondering: What is ‘creative content writing’? And how is utilising the services of a content writer different to engaging a copywriter?

Content writing for business
My name is Kathy Carter. When I started Sirenia, my own Copywriting and Public Relations business over ten years ago, having worked within PR, media and marketing, we just used the phrase ‘copywriting’. This essentially refers to writing words, or copy. Today, I would use the term copywriting for more traditional writing projects, like the creation of copy for your brochure, advertorial, promotional video or website.

Freelance writing
Above all, creative content writing as a genre has evolved from our increased reliance on digital products and platforms to market our products and services. When I worked in magazine publishing, we had style sheets and strict grammar guidelines. But today, freelance content writing allows us to embrace a more informal style! Content writing can include elements like blogs, articles, advertorials, advertising copy – any element of a company’s branding and marketing that requires content being created.

Corporate branding
As a business, or as a creative (marketing / PR) agency representing a client, you want your content to attract and inspire your audience and prospects! Likewise, you want your branded content to be innovative, unique and arresting! I can help you develop your branding and messaging across all platforms, to ensure brand synergy.

From SEO-optimised blogs to articles
Whether you need direct-response sales copy, SEO-optimised blogs, engaging articles or some good-old-fashioned leaflet copy, as a Kent & London based content writer, I can help you spread the word in a remarkable way.

Kathy Carter

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