We’ve just introduced a new mailer in connection with EMC Ltd, and have shared it here for anyone interested in learning more about utilising blogging for their equestrian or countryside business…

I’d like to talk about blogging & content writing…

Posting targeted blogs and other marketing assets helps develop brand awareness (and the spokesperson’s expertise), as well as boosting that all-important search engine optimisation.

This applies whether you’re B2B or B2C. Engaging content such as blogs can also be successfully used to drive traffic and engagement on social media, and showcase your company representatives and ambassadors as experts…

Of course, your content also needs to be keyword-rich, so you may be found by search engines; however, we all know that company decision-makers and directors are not time-rich!

So, as a professional content writer, I would like to see if I can meet your business blogging and content writing needs!

Blogs help drive sales; in a survey, almost half of potential buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of [blog or online] content before engaging with sales representatives, in a 2016 ‘Demand Gen’ report.

If you’re B2B, they can be used informatively; for example, a clipping manufacturer could publish keyword-rich blogs on their own site, and also share their dossier of articles on clipping tips and equine skincare with their wholesalers and distributors, optimising backlinks.

Do you remember the glory days of so-called ‘Free PR’? With many years’ PR experience, I do!

That ‘organic’ print-based business model has changed dramatically, however its digital cousin ‘Outreach Blogging‘ is a popular, organic way to reach prospects & create back-links to your site.

As a content writer, I work within all commercial sectors, not just equestrianism!

However, my background is within the horsey sector, and my work here has been widely recognised. In 2017, I was crowned Equestrian Journalist of the Year, and in 2016 I was Eventing Nation’s Blogger Of The Year, with my posts gaining 74,000 views in 12 months.

Before switching to a media career, I worked as a riding instructor and groom (including to an Olympic eventer), and have always been a horse owner; these experiences help me create targeted copy that shows a real understanding of equestrianism.

 Don’t forget… ultimately, your blogs link back to your product or service, whether B2B or B2C, and are ideal for social media sharing.

Need some business blogging tips? Click HERE.

Of course, it’s not all about blogging – for example, I curated the ‘Ultimate Hoof Boot Guide’ for retailer The Saddlery Shop – a 21,000-word guide to help consumers learn about and choose hoofboots, for their barefoot horses.

I can also help equestrian and countryside companies with any copywriting and content writing need, from website copy to e-books. 

My prices are transparent, starting at £45 per blog. Other writing and marketing projects can be quoted for. Browse the rest of the website: sireniacreativewriting.com for info, or to enquire. Contact: kathycartersirenia@gmail.com or call 01732 330070.

Let’s make 2018 the year your engagement with your network or customers is optimised and amplified!